One More Cup of Coffee

One more cup of coffee – Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan wrote back in the early 70’s, ‘One more cup of coffee’, a tale about a girl and a relationship where he did not sense affection, gratitude or love as her loyalty was to the stars above. The song touches on an apparent end to a relationship and the concept of a journey.

Bob Dylan, today, is still an absolute music genius and legend. His song ‘One more cup of coffee’ resonates with me as a number of the lyrics form the essence of what I believe a true recruiter is all about. Ultimately a good recruiter will take the time to have that ‘one more cup of coffee’ to get to know you, show affection and gratitude and ultimately, loyalty. I believe these are the foundations of a strong relationship as remember, in order to have a successful recruiter / candidate relationship, your recruiter needs to truly grasp what your career aspirations are.

In today’s times, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! I can understand why people may think booking a time to meet a recruiter and discuss their career would cost a small fortune. After all, if you need legal advice, you book to see a lawyer and good chance you will be invoiced for the time spent discussing the issue. However, booking time to meet with a recruiter is free! Sound too good to be true? Yes and I agree, but I can tell you, it is free and the best is still to come.

To explore this notion further lets look at the “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me?) scenario.

For the Recruiter:

In my case, our tag line is ‘We match businesses with the best people’. Now to be true to this tag line I need to have as many ‘one more cups of coffee’ as possible. For three reasons:

1 - I need to get to know my candidates, get to know you, your career aspirations to understand how best to assist you,

2 - Gain a full understanding of your skill set - what tools you have in the tool box and what tools you need to add in order to assist you in reaching your aspirations,

3 – Lastly, I need to understand what your values are and what it is you look for in a potential employer?

Unfortunately the above cannot be learnt from an email or telephone conversation. In fact, this takes ‘one more coup of coffee’.


For you, and the true value:

1 – I am able to share local market information with you. Things like which organisations are hiring or which ones are downsizing? Information that is not available on SEEK.

2 – What are the skill shortages in the region?

3 – What organisations offer great packages or exciting career progression opportunities?

4 – We are able to provide salary benchmarking results

5 – As recruiters, I am in contact with many organisations and therefore can often facilitate an introduction meeting with you and an organisation you are interested in.

6 – I believe in giving you honest advice and support with the ‘nuts and bolts’ regarding looking for a job i.e. resume writing, interview techniques and job application tips and tricks of the trade

7 – and lastly, an extra set of eyes seeking out that next step in your career that takes you one step closer to the end goal.

And all this for a free cup of coffee!

The key to getting the most out of your relationship with your recruiter is to take action now. Don’t wait till you are looking for a job as this is too late. It leaves your recruiter with very little time to get to know you. I am a firm believer in setting goals and this I believe would be by far your easiest goal to set. Call your recruiter and book that coffee meeting. And even better, book this meeting for the next 12 months, one a quarter.

Get to know your recruiter, have that ‘One more cup of coffee’ and enjoy the ‘free’ benefits that come with it. You never know what exciting prospects may come from these ‘catch ups’.


Written By Mark Smith Regional Manager

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