Right Place, Right Time

Unfortunately for the job seeker, long gone are the days where a recruitment agency will welcome you in for a sit down chat and full registration if you pop in without a time booked with a consultant. Even though it’s supposed to be easier with resources like Seek, Indeed and social networking, you can feel like you’re applying for every job posted and you’re getting no where.

Perhaps you don't know where to start?

It’s very easy to get into this loop or just hit a dead end, so its time to sit back, look at your approach to job seeking and try these methods.

If you haven't already, complete a search of recruitment agencies in your area and send them a current copy of your CV. The more people that know you’re looking for work the better. When looking through job sites, apply for roles relevant to your skills and experience.

The “no harm in applying” approach does not always work, however, as a recruiter looking through multiple applications we are more often than not keeping our eyes open for other roles and skill sets. You may be a stand out candidate for other jobs or other reasons.

If you want to apply for a role but you’re not sure, give the contact on the advertisement a call and let them know you want to apply. Give them a quick snap shot of your skills and experience, and ask if you may be suited for the role.

In this move you have introduced yourself, given a run down of what you have to offer a potential employer. If the response is not a ‘yes’ for that particular role you have opened the door for other opportunities to come your way.

Phone in your availability once a fortnight with these agencies, keep them up to date and let them know you are still looking. This is essential and a great way to draw attention to yourself - reminding consultants you are looking means that it’s more likely you could be in the right place at the right time for something not yet advertised!

Another great tip is to check the local paper. People still post in the newspaper and nowhere else. They do this because they want someone in their business that is resourceful, receiving an application via the newspaper shows a different level of thinking in the job search. Don’t think Seek and other online options have cornered the market!

Lastly keep an eye on the People @ Work website opportunities and follow us on Twitter for updates.  Like many agencies, we sometimes only advertise on our own site.     


Recruitment Executive
Cassandra Warn   

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