We Are All Human

I have been in recruitment for many years, actually in my 10th year this year and I still love it (most days).

I believe the best recruiters are the ones with a passion for what they do and treat a business like it’s their own.

My biggest learning curve was at the start of my career in recruitment, I was finally unleashed and allowed to go get some clients of my own, wanting to prove myself and please my manager I headed out and picked up my first order.

With enthusiasm I filled the role quickly and was very pleased with myself of course, and boasted to anyone that would listen.

 I had interviewed, reference checked and matched this candidate to my client.  He was the perfect fit for the role and they loved him, so he started with them. All done and dusted... Or so I thought.

The HR manager calls me on his first day and says thanks for sending us (Lets call him Jeff for this exercise). He’s great, can you please send me through his trade qualifications? Now this is when things went from me being a proud peacock to a quivering canary. I said to the HR manager  “I was asked for a spray-painter the site supervisor didn’t say he had to be qualified.”  I called Jeff who advised he’s been painting for 20 years, but not trade qualified. My dilemma was what to do now!!

So all I could do was be totally honest. I went to my client and I said “I am sorry. I made a mistake, I didn’t ask all the questions I should of and I understand if you don’t want to use my services again.”

To my surprise the response was thanks so much for your honesty, you certainly won’t make that mistake again and of course we will still use your services as we are all human.

So my view on Recruitment is the same as my view on life in general. Don’t rush into something to try and prove yourself. Be passionate, honest, methodical, thorough and have a sense of humour. With this, recruitment and life should flow smoothly, most days at least.

Just so you all know *Jeff* is still with that client.


Senior Recruitment Executive
Tanya Long

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