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Cameron Chapman, KissMetrics

If you’re selling something online, then one of your ongoing goals is almost certainly to sell more product. Too often, when we try to sell more, the first thing we do is try to get more visitors on our site. After all, more visitors = more customers, right? Right. Except…

Eventually you may see your conversion rates drop. Sure, you might have a higher number of net customers, but the percentage of casual visitors who are turning into customers is down. The issue here is that there are only so many users online who are interested in whatever it is you have to sell. In a big niche, you may never run out of potential customers. But in a smaller niche, you may only be talking about a few hundred thousand people worldwide.

If you only focus on raising your visitor numbers, you’re eventually going to hit a ceiling, where you just can’t bring in any more visitors, either because you’ve reached the vast majority of people in your niche or because your niche is so large that you can’t afford to reach any more of them.

What can you do to prevent hitting this ceiling? It’s simple: focus on your conversions first.

If you can double the number of visitors who come to your site who actually purchase something, you can basically quadruple the effectiveness of any increase in your visitor numbers. And that increased customer base and revenue opens up more marketing opportunities for you.

Small, Inexpensive Modifications To Your Website Can Make Great Gains

There are a ton of small modifications you can make to your website and your online marketing that can yield surprising results. The key is to try these things one at a time, use the ones that work for you, and disregard the ones that don’t. Not every modification is going to work on every site and for every business.

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