Managed Food Production Workforce Solutions

People@Work can assist your business with a labour hire solution that can eliminate staff hire risks while providing scalable flexibility at a manageable cost. Our solutions allow you to increase your productivity when you need it, where you need it. We take the time to recruit fully vetted short-term teams or individuals to suit your business and production needs.

We specialise in managing labour force teams in food production and handling, working for well-respected businesses throughout the local region. Our solution takes care of all recruitment, on-boarding, induction, ongoing safety updates, and payroll (including taxes, insurances and statutory costs). In return, your business pays us an agreed hourly rate based on current Award rates, plus a negotiated margin for our services. All of our candidates that work on your site are interviewed and screened for probity and work entitlements, including police, working with childred, visa/work rights, diplomas, certificates and tickets. These candidates are on our payroll but provide you with a skilled, motivated and screened labour force that can be engaged for short-term, mid or long term projects.

Values: Respect and Integrity

Our strong presence in regional Victoria offers unparalleled local knowledge and access to the best employment solution. We combine our local knowledge with sophisticated digital networking platforms and tools, allowing our service to extend its reach nationwide. We like to work closely with our customers to deliver value and competitive advantage. We do this by developing strategies that harness intellectual capital of candidates at all ages and stages of their career.

We take pride in living our core values, as individuals and as an organisation, and strive to involve ourselves daily in interactions with clients and candidates ensuring the best practice repectful outcomes for all parties.

Innovative Communication Tools

Our promotional plan can support local, national and international search, thanks to highly effective media tools, including social media feeds (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook), Video feeds and professional network portals (ie: GradConnect), to name just a few.

Local Knowledge - National Reach

We provide labour hire and recruitment solutions for more than 350 local businesses, and have an existing talent pool of 20.000 skilled people. In 2016 we processed more than 148.000 payroll hours and recruited 30 permanent roles.


People Matter - Best Practice Client Care

We believe that poeple are the most important asset in businesses. Spending time getting to know our customers and candidates is the most important part of our business. We ensure the best match possible, and ensure all candidates are professionally referenced, probity checked as well as checked against work entitlement rights. We provide candidates with a full range of support, skills and aptitude testing and can run full team workplace inductions, including Occupational Health and Safety.

Single Contact

Our service is people-centric, with a clear focus on customer service. As our client, you can count on a single point of contact, allowing us to gain a strong understanding of your organisation and its cultural values. This allows candidates to also benefit from our “hand-in-glove” partnership.

Tailored Solution

Our ability to create customised solutions is enhanced by being a not-for-profit (NFP) organisation. As an NFP we can focus on best-practice procedures and people, rather than time KPIs and profits. We bring the value of a professional service, backed by ISO certification and RCSA accreditation while supporting your local community through our NFP mandate.

Fast Track Resourcing

Our candidate screening process includes:

  • Resume screening/ profiling
  • Shortlist of quality candidates
  • Pre-shortlist interviews
  • Contract remuneration negotiation
  • List of passive & active candidates
  • Existing candidate database

Safe and Secure

Our service is people-centric, with a clear focus on customer service and quality selection criteria procedures including:

  • Background & Police checks
  • Working with Children
  • Referees
  • Licence Management
  • Visa & Work Rights (VEVO)
  • Aptitude and Skills Tests
  • Trade tickets

Timely & Cost Effective

Our payrolling service takes care of all statutory costs involved in staff hire, saving you time and budget resources, and includes:

  • Taxes and Superannuation
  • Payroll Scheduling and processing
  • Pay Delivery
  • Insurance
  • WHS risk

Looking for a local food production managed workforce recruitment partner who cares about people, integrity and community? Contact us today!

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